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Internet Your Thing


DaisyWorks Kickstarter Project

We're launching our new Wi-Fi hardware over at KickStarter. Please come and support us -- we've been working hard on this for several months. The new Daisy Wi-Fi allows you to network myriad sensors and controls so you can Internet Your Thing.

We make it too easy for you

We've been busy at DaisyWorks, Inc. creating Daisies, Daisy Petals, and software to make your life a little more fun.

Our new Daisy WiFi is a low-power networked device with sensors and controls. It enables you to connect these sensors and controls to the Internet for monitoring and controlling your world.

Our first-generation Daisy Bluetooth is an Arduino-derivative -- with the Atmel ATMEGA328 and the Arduino bootloader, you can write code for it the same as any Arduino. However, we added a couple of things: standard RJ telco jacks to make it easy to plug in sensors and controls, servo ports, SD Card, Bluetooth, IrDA transmit/receive, and a custom case.

Our Daisy Petals can be quickly plugged into any of our Daisies. Each petal provides external sensors or actuators that interact with your environment - allowing you to do things like monitor plant vitals (moisture, light, temperature), toggle electronic switches, control servos, and monitor extreme hot or cold temperatures with industrial probes.

We also wrote desktop software (Mac / Windows / Linux) that allows you to do FOTA over Bluetooth, and we have an Android app that allows you to do the same from any Android device.

If that wasn't enough, we decided to make our very own App Store so the community can build custom applications and distribute them. We provide a one-click mechanism that will install the firmware and a user interface component on your Desktop Computer or Android Phone, so you can immediately start interacting with the hardware over Bluetooth.